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  Standard Price
Initial Consultation £40.50
Repeat Consultation £36.95


  Standard Price
DHLP Puppy Vaccination Course £74.95
DHLP Booster £52.95
Lepto2 Booster £47.49
Kennel Cough £47.15
DHLP & Kennel Cough Booster £84.95
Lepto2 & Kennel Cough Booster £78.95
FLU/ENT/LEUK Kitten Course £89.00
FLU/ENT/LEUK Booster £57.00
Rabbit Myxomatosis & RHD £54.95


  Standard Price
Bitch Spay <10kg £255.00
Bitch Spay 11 - 30kg £285.00
Bitch Spay >31kg £319.00
Dog Castrate <10kg £165.00
Dog Castrate 11 - 30kg £185.00
Dog Castrate >31kg £215.00
Cat Spay £99.00
Cat Castrate £69.00
Microchip £19.95

Prices updated January 2022

All prices include VAT.

We request that payment for treatment is made in full at each consultation.  Operations should be paid at the time of collection of your pet.  All major credit cards are accepted.

If your animal is insured our protocol is for you to pay us and then claim from your insurance company.  Please bring a completed and signed insurance form with you and we will promptly fill in the veterinary section ready to be forwarded to your insurance company.

Thank you for your co-operation.